Friday, September 11, 2015

Photo Friday [101]

We got a bit of rain!  On Tuesday night we had some showers totaling around 1/4-inch of rainfall.  Today is grey with some very light drizzle.  How happy we are to wake to damp ground in the morning!  We could still use quite a bit more rain though.

That brown background?  That's my front lawn.  I'm so used to seeing things green year-round that having a brown lawn is very strange.

For dinner Sunday night we spontaneously decided to grill out at the new hauswin that was recently built near our house.  One of the men who works in the construction department has a background in building log structures.  Pretty cool!  

As you can see there is a BBQ too.  We plan to come back this weekend to celebrate Caleb's birthday.

 I'm just guessing that they don't have these in the States.   We bought a pack to try them, but we're not huge coconut fans, so I doubt we'll get them again.  I have to say that they were better than the "blueberry ice cream" Oreo flavor.

Kate helps me sort out all the clothes in her drawer that are too small.

What do you do when your cereal is a year past it's "best by" date?  Just bake for a while in the oven and, voila!  Crispy as new!  Incidentally, though we are no strangers to past-date food here, the reason this particular box of cereal was so past date is because a shipping container full of food from the US was delayed for months due to the dock workers' strike in the States.  So all the food on that container got to our store much later than planned.  (Oh, and the crying child in the background?  That's just a bonus for you.)

Mmmm... soup for dinner and yummy stuff to go with it!


Kate cut her first tooth this week.  So far she has been the latest of all my kids to reach developmental milestones.  I am not complaining.  Greg was walking at 10 months.  There is a little girl here just one day older than Kate who is cruising already.  So to have a 9-1/2 month old who still isn't crawling and getting into everything... I'm counting my blessings!

Oh, she wasn't content to play with the lens cap - she wanted the camera!

With a little imagination, you can almost see that tooth poking out.

'Till next week!

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