Friday, September 25, 2015

Photo Friday [103]

Welcome back to another Photo Friday with the Freys.

The not-so-big happenings of this week:

Greg attended a Star Wars-themed birthday party and came home with a Jedi outfit.  This is what Jedi do apparently.

 Kate is 10 months old!

 I tried to interest her in a pretty flower to keep her from going after rocks like she usually does.  I thought I had her hooked.

 Nope.  No flower for her.

 But rocks?  That makes her happy!

Story time with Dad.

This is in the "cry room" at church on Sunday.  There isn't any formal child care during our Sunday service, so Brian and I take turns taking the little ones back here when they get to antsy.

She was actually enjoying some time in the crib, though it looks like she was a prisoner.

The boys really wanted me to give her a mohawk after her bath.

Still no rain.  Right now our rain tank is very close to empty, so we are thankful for technology that enables us to filter river water (on right), which is what we are using for showers and toilets, to clean drinkable water (on left, after filtering).

That's all for this week!

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