Friday, October 2, 2015

Photo Friday [104]

Would you look at that - two years of Photo Fridays!
(Look back at the first Photo Friday post here.)

But back to this week:

I attended a women's retreat last weekend - a group from Australia came up to Ukarumpa to lead the retreat and nearly 130 women from our mission and from Mission Aviation Fellowship came together for the weekend.


This was actually my first ever women's retreat (I know... I've never been to summer camp either, something that baffles my husband.)  It was a lot of fun, and also some excellent teaching around the theme "She is... Brave."  There was some pampering (hence the gold sparkly fingernails), and chocolate (the team flew in 120lbs of chocolate!), and silly fun (they also created what they dubbed "Mt. Padmore,"  a table full of women's sanitary products that had been donated by folks in Australia, as they knew that this necessity of life was pretty expensive over here.)   Over all, a very good weekend.

One of Brian's co-workers thought the retreat ought to have been titled "He is Brave" because of all the dads who stayed home and took care of the kids.  Brian had a little help from these superheros though.

It was really nice of Brian to take the kids for the weekend so that I could have some time off because...yeah, he's off traveling again.  Caleb really wanted to go with him.

He told Brian, "I took out all your clothes so I could get in!" as Brian saw all his carefully packed things thrown on the floor. :)

Brian is off to a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany for an international committee that he just joined.  It's a bunch of folks who oversee infrastructure operations of our missions' centers around the world, and who are trying to make sure that they are run in a relevant and efficient manner - i.e. stuff that is right up Brian's alley.

 Brian's flight was delayed a little while by rain!  We've had three good rain showers this week and our water tank is back to being 1/3 full!   More rain is still needed to relieve the drought, but it is wonderful to have some water!

 Waiting for the clouds to lift.

Later that day we had another rain shower, and the boys wanted to wash the truck, which has gotten very dirty the past few months.  We haven't wanted to waste water by washing it before this.  So I parked the truck in the rain and the boys had a great time scrubbing it and getting wet in the rain.

Yesterday Caleb fell asleep lying on the trampoline in the sun.

Baby snuggles after a nap.

Some of the varieties of fresh beans we get at the market.

Until next week!

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KMKlump said...

Thank you for sharing your life in PNG! I have enjoyed your two years of photos. Praying for you and your familly.
Kathy Klump
Psalm 103