Friday, October 9, 2015

Photo Friday [105]

This week:

Watch out world - baby's got wheels!  Kate loves to sit on this little car that the grandparents sent as a gift when Greg was a year old.  Greg has been giving her driving lessons, pushing her around the house.  I keep telling him to go slow, but then I hear, "Kate, do you want to go fast?.... But mom, she honked the horn.  When she honks the horn that means 'yes'!"

A pirate says "aaaarrgh!"  We've been painting a lot this week, and seeking a lot of treasure.  Any money that I leave out somehow finds its way into the treasure box...

 Very serious work going on at the old stump in the front yard. 

 Talking to the folks passing by on the road.

 There is a lot of this these days.  Pulling herself up on things soon...

A funny thing about the drought is that all the plants think they are going to die, and so with a small bit of rain suddenly everything is blooming like crazy!  This is what coffee in bloom looks like, by the way.  A friend from the local coffee plantation says that if they get enough rain to sustain the fruit, this could actually be a bumper year for coffee.  A big if though.  For their case I'm hoping for a good coffee year, as apparently last year was a flop.


I was going to delay posting the blog so that I could get a photo of Brian returning from his trip to Germany, but it turns out his flight won't make it here until late afternoon.  But he is back in Papua New Guinea - I spoke to him on the phone today.  So expect a blog post soon with some very different photos of his trip to Europe.

Until then...

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