Friday, October 16, 2015

Photo Friday [106]

The family is back together again - Brian got back from his trip to Germany last Friday.

He has gotten a lot of attention from this photo, which I posted on Facebook earlier this week.  I asked him to bring me back some chocolate - and he really brought me some chocolate!!!  Chocolate is an item here that tends to be expensive, to run out of stock quickly, and to be hit-and-miss on quality, since sometimes in shipping to PNG the chocolate gets too hot and ends up melted or with a whitish film.  So to have a big reserve of fresh German chocolate in the pantry is a huge luxury!

Brian had a birthday, and we took him out to lunch in Kainantu with another family.

The Kainantu Lodge has the only swimming pool that I am aware of closer than a two-hour drive from our house.  This weekend it was a little on the green side, but the boys still had a great time splashing in the shallow end.

 A birthday Skype call with  Brian's parents.

 She likes to stand, but can't pull herself up yet, so I helped her get up there.

 Greg was reading a library book that talked about having dreams and working toward them.  Greg decided that he doesn't want to be a race car driver after all - he wants to be a mechanic like Dad.  So he has asked Brian to give him "mechanic lessons" so that he can take steps towards that goal.  One evening the opportunity came up for Greg to help Brian assemble a fuel pump that would be used by some translators in the village.  Greg was thrilled to have some one-on-one time with his dad.

 Making some homemade vanilla extract!

Today was Sports Day at Greg's school. 

 Our family has been assigned to the red team, so we all wore our team colors to cheer Greg on.

 Greg won his heat of the boy's sprint, though he didn't place when they raced all the fastest boys together.

The red team won the spoon relay.

Sack race!

See you back here next week.

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