Friday, November 6, 2015

Photo Friday [109]

Last Saturday was Carnival - an annual fundraiser put on by the High School.  The kids really look forward to this event every year.  Lots of fun games and food.

A bouncy castle!

Ice cream.

Ring Toss.

And this year there was a new event - jousting!  (Yes, that's a sawhorse on wheels).

Try to catch the rings to win candy.

Brian cleaned up!

This is Brian's auction face.  He was in the middle of some serious bidding against one of the helicopter pilots for a case of motor oil.  He got one case for the bargain price of 300 Kina... sounds like a lot, but apparently it really was a good deal - motor oil is expensive here!  All the items for the auction are donated to the school by PNG businesses.  Half of the proceeds of Carnival go to the school and half go to a charity.

 A sea freight shipment brought some belated birthday gifts to the boys in our family.

Also in the shipment was a Christmas present that Brian and I ordered for our family - a new top for the backyard trampoline.  We decided to go ahead and install it right away, because the old top was getting pretty scary and threadbare looking, and birds were picking away at the webbing for nest material.  

 Our testers say that it is very satisfactory.

 The boys help Dad change the injection plugs on the truck.

Rain this week!  Enough to make the grass start to green up a little and to fill our rain tank 2/3 full!  The boys were so excited they decided to go out and catch some rain water for our dinner.

 We've gotten lots of new books in recent care packages.  On a chilly morning the boys curled up together on the couch to read.

 A blanket fort under the kitchen table is a great place to watch Bible stories on the tablet.

That's all for this week!

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