Friday, December 4, 2015

Photo Friday [113]

This week:

Our Thanksgiving celebration was a picnic at a playground.

 Kate loves to swing.

The favorite toy of the week is the set of eggs that she got for her birthday from my parents.

Christmas decorations are up.  Normally we're not the decorate the day after Thanksgiving type, but Greg was very very anxious to decorate, so on December 1 we made the house festive.

This is our first year doing a Jesse Tree for advent.  I was invited to participate in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange, which was a lot of fun.  25 ladies each made 25 of one ornament, and then we got together and everyone got to take home a complete set.  Very fun!  As for the tree, I normally have photographs on this frame, but put them away for the month so that our ornaments can have the place of honor in the living room.  Each night we light candles (and the tree of course), have a little devotion, hang the ornament and pray together.  The boys have been really into it.

A big rain last night left us these as a gift.  The little flying bugs that hatch and swarm light sources when it rains.  We typically don't get them, as they seem to plague the houses on the outskirts of the center, probably because they are the closest light source, and our house is in the middle of a bunch of other lighted homes.  Our friends who are translators tell us that in the Nukna language the name of these bugs translates as "Come to the light and die."  A very apt name, since that is pretty much what they do!

 I'm sure they made the spider who faithfully spins a web at the top of our stairs every night very happy.

 And they made this guy very happy too, as he took it upon himself to get out the vacuum and clean them all up for me!

 And finally, two more of Kate's favorite things - sitting on this step that is just her size and playing with a ball.

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