Friday, December 11, 2015

Photo Friday [114]

The boys get a bedtime story while Kate takes ornaments off the tree.

I had a big colander of freshly-washed berries in the sink, and when I came back into the kitchen, this one had his face right in the bowl and was chowing down.


"Why do I have to stop?"

Oh what fun to make lots of noise!

Every time we walk somewhere Caleb finds a stick to add to his collection.  We have spears and swords and bows and staffs and fishing poles... and an offcut from the wood pile that makes a very convincing (though heavy) gun.

Feeling very girly in our ruffles!


The boys were excited to make a "flying" picture with mom... for about five minutes.  And then the superheroes had to go do other things... probably involving sticks.

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KMKlump said...

I thought for a moment they were having a Mary Poppins moment in the flying photo!