Friday, December 18, 2015

Photo Friday [115]

The Lego boats have been spending a lot of time in the sink this week.  Mom is very paranoid that little Lego pieces are going to disappear down the drain.  In hindsight I should probably have filled up a big tub with water instead...

The Christmas party season is upon us.  This was a Christmas event for all of the women in the community.  I was in charge of a photo booth, which was quite fun.  There were games, food, and carols sung in a variety of languages.

One evening this week was designated as a time for viewing Christmas lights, and so everyone who has lights kept them on for a certain time so that folks could walk around and see them.  Some people like to put lights on the outside of their houses, but it is much tamer than what we see in the States.  Electricity is expensive here, and also Christmas lights are just harder to come by.  You can't walk into any store an expect to find them.

Even though the displays were quite modest (with the exception of one or two houses), our kids still really enjoyed driving around to look at everything.

I've been hearing about all the snow in Colorado this week, but here things are quite summery.  Our days are about as long as they get -  meaning it doesn't get dark until nearly 7pm!!  (We're about 6.5 degrees south of the equator, so we don't get much variation.)

Rains have returned, and with them, mud.  Walking Greg to school on the last day of the term, Caleb lost a shoe in some deep mud on the road.  And rescuing him I also went up to my ankles in mud.  Our whole family likes to wear Crocs - they are so easy to clean!  

Oh yeah - school is out.   The kids have a five-week break.  Also today is the last day that all of the departments on center will be open.  Everything will shut down for two weeks!  I'm pretty sure I have everything I need from the store, so that I won't have to go in today when everyone else is there getting last-minute stuff.

School break can get a little hairy for moms with young kids.  Yesterday afternoon was wonderful though.  The neighbors (who have kids ages 6th-12th grade) came over and asked if they could borrow all of my kids for the afternoon.  Um - yes please! 
The boys think that the neighbors' house is one of the best places to hang out, so they had a great time doing some Christmas baking, watching Frozen, and playing toys.

 I used my free time to make some goodies of my own.  Butter + sugar + chocolate + nuts = Christmassy goodness.  Mmmmmmm....

 Totally sacked out.

 And finally, don't freak out, but I think that this year all of our Christmas packages actually arrived before Christmas!  How crazy is that? 

Until next week!

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