Friday, December 30, 2016

Photo Friday [168]

The last Photo Friday of 2016.  It's pretty much all Christmas snapshots.  Here we go:

Brian got everyone new neck pillows, as we think about the many hours of flying coming our way in June.  And Kate got some new accessories. 

 This is as close as we got to a photo of the kids in front of the tree in their new Christmas jammies.  Notice that the only ornaments on the bottom half of the tree are the plastic candy canes?  Yeah... two-year-old in the house. I swear when I first decorate the tree it was evenly covered.  But you would be amazed how many ornaments can be re-classified as "breakable" when you have a determined toddler.

 This was Brian's project the two days before Christmas.  We set it up on Christmas Eve.  We dug an old, unused desk out of the corner of our basement, threw out the old top and re-used the drawers.  Brian fashioned a new, huge laminate top for it, and now we have an awesome Lego/game table in the basement playroom.

Stockings on Christmas morning.

Pots and pans and baby bottles.

Books, puzzles, and his very own Bible. 

 A dress-up cape and a doll stroller.

A new movie!

 Remote control trucks!

Christmas dress No. 3 - in action.  Before we went to the Christmas morning church service, Kate had to "jump-jump" a bit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to you!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Photo Friday [167]

Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday was our last chance to get Christmas packages in the mail, as the post office, along with pretty much everything else, shuts down for two weeks over the holidays.

Brian is off work, so we took a family walk down to the post office and the boys were delighted to see the magical yellow ticket in our box that meant we had a package.  We had two packages that got stuck in customs and didn't make it up here, so we will look forward to seeing them January.  (And yes, Caleb, who has a very difficult time surviving from breakfast until lunch, had to bring his buttered toast along!)

Here is Christmas dress #2 from last Sunday.  Looks like the angels are having a nice chat and... wait... is that Mary kissing a shepherd?!?  Don't tell Joseph...

Cute Kate.

I got a call this week from someone saying that they had an interesting visitor in their backyard jacaranda tree, and would I like to stop by and take a photo?  We think it's a female Eclectus Parrot.  Not a common bird in these parts.

Speaking of birds, remember our new duck, Coco, from last week?  Well, I figured she might get lonely, so I asked around and found someone who had a few ducklings for sale.  (Secretly, I've wanted to have ducks for a while now, and now we've got three!)   Even Brian admits that they are pretty fun to have around.

The boys named them Snowflake and Sid.  They're Muscovy ducks, which are by far the most common breed of domesticated ducks here in PNG.  In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen any domestic ducks that aren't Muscovies.

 The boys were kept occupied for a good part of the day yesterday digging up worms and bugs to feed to the ducklings.  I'm looking forward to having some backyard animals that love to eat cockroaches!

Coco is still pretty flighty, but Sid and Snowflake are very tame and don't even seem to mind when Kate follows them around and around.  She would spend all day watching and feeding a petting the "duckies" if we let her.

Well, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  Our plans involve dinner with friends, a church service, a few Skype calls with family back home, our traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, and probably leaving the curtains shut all morning Christmas day so that we can pretend it's cold outside instead of bright and sunny!

Until next week...

Friday, December 16, 2016

Photo Friday [166]

This week: 

The first of three Christmas dresses in K's closet.

A rose picked for me (from the neighbor's bush, of course) by my son. 

 Fat and stripey little things in the back yard.

Our new pet, Coco.  She was an impulse buy at the market.  I've always loved ducks.  I googled her and found out she's a Pacific Black Duck (not endangered at all!).  I'm in the process of trying to find another duck or two to keep her company.

 This has been the worst part of our week.  Ruby is terrified of thunder, and we've been having lots of thunderstorms lately.  We thought our brand new fence would be tall enough to keep her from running off during storms, but apparently it's just tall enough to rip a big gash in her leg when she jumps over.  

If we had been in the States, we would have taken her to the vet to get stitches.  But access to vets is pretty minimal here.  Brian and I attempted to stitch up the wound ourselves, but without any anesthetic it soon became apparent that it wasn't going to end well, so we've just bandaged it up.  She doesn't mess with the bandage during the day, but at night she's been chewing it off, so this afternoon I'm going to have to figure out how to make a head cone for her.

 Lastly, I just thought I'd post this here for anyone who is interested.  I've started a new photo project called 100 Strangers.  Basically the goal is to meet, talk to and photograph 100 people I don't know.  Kind of like Humans of New York.  It's not an original idea.  If you look at the 100 Strangers Flikr group, you'll see that thousands of people have done this project.  As of today, I've only photographed three, including Kevin here.  I haven't given myself a timeline, so it may take me years - who knows!  And no, I never did finish the Project 52 I started this year.  I got so far behind that I quit halfway through.  :(  Maybe if I don't give myself a deadline on this project I'll actually complete it!

If you're on Flikr, you can follow my progress here.  Or I've also got a gallery with the photos and short stories on my photo website.  I won't be posting the photos here every time.

Until next week!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Photo Friday [165]

K's got style.  This is her absolute favorite dress - now stained and worn - which she managed to spot this morning even though I tried my best to steer her towards something she hasn't worn yet.

Caleb took some more selfies this week.  They love using our old point-and-shoot camera.  Greg also shot a very true to life video that made me laugh.  The craziness of the pre-dinner witching hour, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.  I'm not going to share it though, since the footage pretty much focuses on my rear end the whole time, with other characters popping in around the edges of the frame.

 And another Welcoming-Brian-home-at-the-airstrip photo.  This time he was gone for 11 days, flying all the way to Dallas, TX for meetings.  The airstrip photos always seem about the same, but we don't get tired of him coming back to us!

They insisted I take a picture of them, and then this is all they give me.  I think Kate was put out because she didn't get to sit in my lap for the photo.

Our Jesse Tree is filling up.  We got our set of ornaments from an ornament exchange last year.

And the Christmas decorations are all up, including homemade ornaments the kids brought home from school.

'Till next week.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo Friday [164]

When you see a crowd this big at market, you know that they've got to have something really interesting in the middle of it!

And they did!  A man was showing off (and trying to sell, if anyone was willing to pay the huge price he was asking...) this long-beaked echidna that he and his dog dug out of its burrow out in the "big bush."  This unique animal is actually critically endangered, a fact emphasized by the conversation I heard around me.  A few Papua New Guineans claimed to be familiar with the animal and its habits, but the majority of the crowd had never seen or heard of it and were as fascinated as I was.

A colleague urged the man to return it to the bush where he found it, so that it would be around for the next generation, and I hope he listened, but I have my doubts.

In other animal news this week, Kate enjoyed visiting the neighbors' kittens.


I literally dragged her away kicking and screaming.

And my eldest is addicted to SimFarm.  Brian discovered a website that has lots of old games like this and Oregon Trail.  I think it's funny that he loves it so much.  Reminds me of when I was in school, though I'm pretty sure SimFarm wasn't around until High School.

Until next week!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Photo Friday [163]

When all three insist on "helping" to frost the birthday cake.

  The finished product, for a little girl who loves monkeys.

 Kate started off her birthday with one of her favorite things - playing in the bathtub.

 The brothers came up with the idea of having a tea party for Kate's birthday, so we poured hot chocolate into little plastic cups, they spooned ridiculous amounts of sugar into them, and then drank while eating small food.

A very proper young lady!

 Happy birthday sweet Kate!  We had no idea what a load of cuteness, love, sass and determination we were unleashing on the world two years ago.  We wouldn't trade you for anything!

This week I got to help with a Scripture checking party for the Menya New Testament.  This is when a group of proofreaders come together to go over a newly-typeset New Testament to look for errors before it goes off to the printer!

Menya is an agglutinative Papuan language, with a grammar very different to English... so, good luck reading this section of Phillipians!

  For a checking party, each book of the Bible is laid out separately on tables.  Each person is given a specific job, such as checking page numbers, formatting, cross-references, illustrations and the table of contents.  We take red pens and look through all of the books, initialing a check sheet after completing each book.

My job was to check section headings, and I also checked a few cross references.  I only found one error, but I know from the red pen marks on the pages that many more errors were caught.  Now they can be corrected and the finished product can be sent to the printers.  It's a privilege to hold these pages, which represent so many years of work by Carl and Pat Whitehead and the Menya translation team, and to think that next year the Menya people will be able to receive the printed New Testaments!

Some teeny-tiny eggs.  I didn't even see the fly with my naked eye until I looked at the photo, it was so small!

I must have been craving green, since this is what I bought at the market this morning!

I know it's Thanksgiving in the U.S., but it looks like I've already got a Christmas elf hiding in my cupboard.

Until next week!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Photo Friday [162]

Boots and umbrellas.  That about sums up the weather this week.

A little visitor in our kitchen.

 And when I say little, I mean really little.  You can just barely see him on the edge of the sink on the left side of the picture.

This little girl is turning two in just two days!

Playing cars on the couch.  With little boys in the house, it's rare that we actually get to sit on it.

 A dad who instigates a spontaneous pre-bedtime dance party in the living room to mom's Zumba music.

I see a lot of bananas in my near future.  And there are two more bunches growing besides these ones!  Hope they don't all ripen at the same time.  That's what you get for having 30 banana trees in the back yard...

Until next week!