Friday, January 8, 2016

Photo Friday [118]

This week at our house, super heroes are big, thanks to some Christmas gifts from my brother and his family:

Ant Man prefers to fight crime with his face mask up.

Checking out his super hero credentials.

Kate has not joined in with the super hero crowd, though she thinks it's funny when her brothers wear costumes.

 Serious about the sippy cup.

Sweet smiles and messy, post-nap hair.

That's the Kate attitude we are familiar with!

We're still enjoying fresh eggs from our hens.  This hen, Gina, only lays half the time, as she goes broody every month and tries to hatch some.   Here she is this morning trying to keep me from collecting the eggs her fellow hens have laid.  She is definitely the Alpha hen, and rules the roost, though she is the smallest.

After a trip to market this morning I was thinking about how spoiled we are in Ukarumpa.  Our Papua New Guinean neighbors have learned over the years what kinds of produce the waitskins like, and they grow a lot of things in their gardens specifically to sell to us as cash crops... things that they don't really eat themselves.  The variety of produce has grown a lot even since Brian and I have lived here.  Some of the things you can buy at the Ukarumpa market that you may not find at other markets in PNG include cilantro, jalapeno peppers, red onions, red cabbage, red and yellow bell peppers, and lots and lots of strawberries.  I'm not complaining!

Until next week...


Jack said...

Haha sooo adorably cute. These superheroes can save the world any day with their cute cheeks and dazzling smiles :) The hen's pic is funny though

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