Friday, January 15, 2016

Photo Friday [119]

A few photos of our week:

I'm doing a "Project 52" this year - a photography project where you have to take a photo each week to fit a certain theme.  Last week the theme was a traditional landscape, so here are a few of the photos that didn't make the cut.  These are just outside the perimeter fence that surrounds the center.

It was hard to take a landscape photo this week, as Brian was out of town and I had to drag all three kids along!

Next week's theme is "Red."  I'm still working on that...

 Kate thinks she's very clever pulling up grass at the playground.

Another fun thing about having chickens is that the eggs aren't all "Grade A" and sometimes you get a weird one, like this tiny egg.  We hard boiled it and everyone made a guess as to whether it was all yolk, all white, or some of both.  Turns out there was a teeny-tiny yolk inside the little bitty-egg.

These sticker pages make a good rainy day activity.  See the scuba diver and farmer visiting the dinosaurs?

Woe to the person who tries to separate her from her softball this week.  She slept with it last night.

And finally, a photo of this lovely Tairora lady from the market.  I took the photo on Wednesday, then printed it out and brought her a copy this morning.  She was thrilled, so I was glad I did it.  I just hope I'm not setting a precedent that I'm going to print out photos for everyone...

Until next week!

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