Friday, January 29, 2016

Photo Friday [121]

This week:

Life has been a little messy this week.  My house?  Very messy.   We're in a phase right now where no one is getting to sleep through the night.  Add to that the stress of adjusting to full-day school for Greg (which isn't as smooth a transition as I originally thought - for any of us!), and it's taken a toll on our attitudes and relationships this week.  But life is still good.  I mean, look at this sweet little face, distracting me from the disaster that is my living room!

Thanks to the encouragement of the women's Bible study group that I attend weekly, I've been focusing on worship, even when conditions aren't perfect.  I can find moments to worship God in the midst of it all, and it lifts my spirit, re-focuses my perspective on things, and reminds me of what's really important.  So, here are a few of the good and important things from this week:

Don't you love how a child's mind works?  The boys were trying really hard to catch butterflies, and were not having much success.  So Greg decided that he needed to make the butterflies come to him... by taping leaves on his arms and pretending to be the tree where the butterflies kept landing.  (It didn't really work though, and in the end I had to use my mad mommy skills to catch some for them.)

What's not good about watching a 14-month-old learn something new every day?  I love this age, when their ability to interact with the world grows by leaps and bounds.

 We celebrated eight years of marriage!  This guy is my best friend. 

 We had a fancy anniversary dinner... Ukarumpa style, that is.  We asked the guesthouse manager to do a special dinner for us.  She set up a nice table in a private room, decorated with candles and lights.  She made an impressive effort to make us feel that we were in a nice restaurant, and she practically forced us to make our dinner nice and leisurely.  She said that missionaries forget how to do anything but eat and work, so she had to remind us how to have a nice date!  We spent two hours over dinner, just talking - uninterrupted.  It was great!

Mangoes as big as my face - what's not to like about that?  I only wish mangoes weren't seasonal...

And finally, a mud puddle reflection.  I have this weird habit of watching mud puddles as I walk around our dirt roads, looking for interesting reflections.  I'm sure people walking home from market this morning thought I was really weird, taking pictures of mud in a parking lot.

That's all for this week!  Thanks for stopping by.

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