Friday, February 5, 2016

Photo Friday [122]

It feels a bit like the "What Kate Did" show this week.  She's growing so fast I guess I just have to document it!

playing piano...

Pulling books off the shelf - a favorite pastime.

"Shoes" is one of her few words, and she says it all. the. time.  The girl likes shoes.

Lounging in a bean bag runs a close second to pulling books off the shelf when it comes to fun ways to spend your day.

 Amazing sky (and a tiny bit of rainbow there on the right.)

 In my spare time I've been teaching myself how to do photo composites in Photoshop Elements.  I had Caleb pose in front of a white background to get some base shots for something I'm working on.  (Will post the final version later - if it turns out!)

Making homemade granola this morning.  Our store is between food shipments, and the cereal shelf is very bare, so we needed something for breakfasts.

That's all for this week.  See you next Friday.

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