Friday, February 12, 2016

Photo Friday [123]

This week's shenanigans: 

I guess the jail got too full, so they had to start chaining bad guys to the outside.

Rain and puddles.

Braving the mosquitoes (they've been really bad lately) to play ball in the yard.

   A super-hero photo shoot with lots of action 

He kept running to see the photos on the back of the camera, and saying "Oh wow!  That's awesome!"

Caleb wanted to jump off of something too.

So happy these are mine!

A Super-Bowl party!  Actually, it's pretty remarkable that we were able to have  Super-Bowl party on the Tuesday after the game.  In past years people haven't been able to download the game here and have had to wait weeks for someone to mail a recording, trying to keep from finding out the result that whole time.  Now the die-hard fans only have to stay off of Facebook for a few days so that they can avoid any spoilers.    We didn't have any commercials though.  One of our Papua New Guinean employees came and cheered for the Broncos - not because he knew anything about American football, but because he's a fan of the Brisbane Broncos rugby team.  

 These were for sale at market this morning.  Not sure what species they are, but Greg proudly informed me that they are meat-eating birds, as you can tell by their curved beaks.   He also made sure I knew that we were walking East, towards the morning sun.  (He has been "teaching" me a lot a things lately - thanks Mrs. Miller!)

Here is the final shot of the composite photo I mentioned last week.  The photo theme was "candy."

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