Friday, February 26, 2016

Photo Friday [125]

This week:

 I was supposed to shoot a panorama for my Project 52 this week, and to get some fresh views other than those we see every day in Ukarumpa, I convinced Brian that we ought to go for a Sunday drive.  We took one of the "back roads" and ended up here.  (Uka friends, this is the back side of Lone Tree).

Actually it was tricky to find a place to shoot from, as usually the grass on the side of the road is quite tall, not allowing for a panoramic view, and if you dare to step off the road, you'll get attacked by plants that grab onto your legs and don't let go in a desperate attempt to spread their seeds to the wider world.

Kate isn't sure she likes this adventure.

But the boys were happy  (although they did admonish Daddy to find a less bumpy road so that they wouldn't have such trouble eating their crackers in the back seat...)

 I also tried a panorama of some of the ladies selling bilums at the market.

Here's another scenic view, this one from our regional center in Alotau, on the far eastern tip of the mainland.  Brian had some work to do there and was away from us for two nights.  I asked him for a photo and this is what I got.  He's coming home today!

 When Brian is gone, Greg insists that I sleep with his giant stuffed tiger because, as he told me,  "when I sleep with Tiger it makes me feel safe, like nothing bad can get me.  So you don't have to feel scared when Daddy is gone."  Awww... got my boys looking out for me!

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