Friday, April 1, 2016

Photo Friday [130]

Hello friends,

We had a nice, relaxing Easter weekend last week.

Kate got to help hunt eggs in the backyard.

But then she discovered that some of the eggs had candy inside, and she lost all interest in doing anything other than opening the eggs she already had.

We get a nice four-day weekend for Easter here in PNG, and we spent a big portion of each day with the kids down at a cement basketball court near our house.  Greg decided it was time to ditch the training wheels on his bike, and he spent hours practicing over those four days, with Brian tirelessly helping him - and was successful!  Look at him go!  (And yes, that's our dog, Ruby, who didn't want to miss out on the fun and escaped from the back yard to follow us down there!)

 Brian complained that he doesn't get any blog time, so here is one of his projects for the holiday weekend.  This is the "kai bar" at the store, where people can come buy rotisserie chicken, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, and chips (french fries).  This is the only regular source of I-didn't-make-this-from-scratch food, and so it's very popular.

 One area where the kai bar has struggled is in keeping up with the demand for chips.  They were using two small tabletop fryers that weren't made for commercial applications.  So last Friday Brian spent the morning with the store manager installing this new commercial deep fryer.  It was a fun project for him, and now we can enjoy an abundance of fresh crispy fried potatoes.  It's the little things.

That's all for this week!


Choate Family said...

I sure do love the beautiful peek into your world, sweet Frey family!

The Freys said...

Aww, thanks Choates!