Friday, April 22, 2016

Photo Friday [133]

I caught this spider in action, spinning a web.

 Actually, I was so close and so absorbed with taking photos that I didn't notice when the spider attached a bit of webbing to my camera's flash!

I caught quite a few trampoline photos this week, though I swear I was taking them on different days.

 This one loves being out in the rain.  Jumping on a trampoline during a downpour is about as good as it gets!

 Even Kate is in on the fun now.  She asks every day to "bum-bump?"  She'll even try to stay on her feet while her brothers bounce her.

 Kate and Caleb love to play a game that Kate calls "baby."  It pretty much involves messing up all the covers on my bed.  My bed never stays made for long these days, but it keeps them happy.

 Saying "hello" to her favorite person when he gets home from work.

Riding in style!

This one is better shown with a video - she's finally walking!  Better late than never.

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