Friday, April 29, 2016

Photo Friday [134]

A small photo Friday for you this week.

 Last Saturday we drove to Goroka (about two hours drive each way).  Our excuse was that we needed to buy feed for our chickens, and the local feed store had been out for weeks.  Really it was just an excuse for a family day out.  We drove behind this truck for a while. 

Bilums for sale on one of the main streets.

A work in progress.

A poster at the hardware store.  Pig giveaways are actually pretty common here.

 When your salad-spinner turns into a car wash.

Who is this big girl, and where is my baby?

On Sunday Brian left for another trip.  This time to Brisbane, Australia, where he and two other men did some training on the control system that we'll use with our new generators.

Brian was really looking forward to it, because our power generation system here is pretty complex, trying to switch between national power, generator power and solar power.  Brian went with lots of questions, and I hope he got them all answered.  We're really looking forward to having him back with us this afternoon though!

Until next week!

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