Friday, May 27, 2016

Photo Friday [137]

"Susan, why is your son in a trash can?" 

Ummm... that's a good question.  I'll let you know if I figure it out.  It's been a favorite spot this week.  (And don't worry, it's not the one we throw dirty diapers in - it's the one the yard meri uses for hauling leaves and yard debri, so it's only dirty with good 'ol dirt.)

"OK, well why is he almost always wearing that shirt when you post photos of him?"  

What can I say?  It's a favorite!

Meanwhile, in the exciting world of fashion with Kate:

 The jacket obsession continues.  And pink camo paired with tie dye and her brother's old shorts... good thing this momma doesn't stress to much about her kids matching...

 Striking a pose on the front steps!

We had a few clear evenings and I attempted some star pictures:

 Got this one while trying to get a photo of  him with the correct expression for a composite I'm working on for this week's photo theme for my Project 52.   It took a lot of tries, but eventually we got something workable.  "Stop smiling!  Look serious.  No, not angry - just serious.  Don't look at the camera.  Come back here!  Ok... um, try looking fierce.  What does that mean?  Never mind.  Maybe just try to look thoughtful.  Hey, don't shake your rear at me!  I said don't laugh!" 

  (That photo coming to Facebook soon... I'm still tweaking it).

A new sea freight shipment arrive, bringing with it paint for the exterior of our house (which badly needs it) and a few packages from family.  (Not all of those boxes are ours!!)

Walking to school now involves all three of them walking.  Some days it's quite a process, even though school is just around the corner.

Choosing the right sticks for the journey is essential.

And this morning I realized that I now have three who appreciate the joy of stomping on mud.

Until next Friday!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Photo Friday [136]

18 months old!  Wow, that time has flown.



Likes to have mom put things in her hair, but will not keep them in for more than 30 seconds.

Her obsession this week is jackets.  Doesn't matter what the temperature is, she needs to have a jacket on all the time - sometimes even over her pajamas!  She is starting to learn the word "jacket," but she started out calling it her "ba-pack," probably because she associates them with leaving for school in the morning.

She also learned the word "pretty" this week, and loves to find pretty things and show them to us.  Sometimes she will grin and point to herself and say "I pretty."  Yes my girl, you are gorgeous, and we love you so much!

 Greg reading stories to Caleb.  I love this.


 A stunning sunrise that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy with the boys if they hadn't woken me up before 6am.  The sun rises and sets so quickly near the equator that if you wait just a few minutes you can miss the best of it.

 Chocolate face.

 ... but stunning eyes.

Greg was begging me all week to make tortillas so that he could have tortillas with milk for breakfast, something that he learned about when his class was studying different cultures at school.  I asked him which country ate tortillas for breakfast - Mexico?  "Yeah..." he replied, "I think so.... or maybe Australia."  (He didn't end up liking tortillas with milk, just in case you were wondering.)

That's all for this week!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo Friday [135]

Yes, yes, I know.  I missed last week.  My parents already gave me a hard time about it.  I looked at Brian last Friday and said, "I haven't taken a single photo all week, so I'm going to skip the blog."  He was shocked, because I've been so consistent for so long, and then shrugged and told me, "You're going to hear from your mom about it."

But I'm back, with some photos from this week.

 This one pretty much sums up the general mood in our house this week.  A few of us were sick, and fevers, runny noses and sore throats had us all feeling like Kate obviously does in this photo at one point or another.

And don't we feel sorry for ourselves....

I'm happy to report that though we are still running through a fair number of tissues each day, things are definitely getting better.  The end is in sight, and the outlook more cheerful, as can be seen by the next photos, taken mostly yesterday.

Ice cream at the store!

 She loves her books.

 Watching the ants "race" in the backyard.

We made some "crossbows" this week.

 Caleb discovered that the piano offers perfect parking spots for his trucks.

This was another low point in the week.  On Wednesday the washing machine died.  It must have been at the end of the spin cycle, because it stopped working with the lid locked, and it took us a while to get the lid open to get the laundry out!  Brian ran his diagnostics and found that it needed at least three separate parts to get it running again.  We got a quote for the parts from Australia, and we ended up with the choice between spending about $450 in parts and quite possibly waiting weeks to get them from Australia, or buying a brand new machine here in PNG for around $550.  (I strongly voiced my opinion that a new machine was better!)

The really good part of this story is that we were able to get a new machine right away (supposing all goes well today.)  We found someone who was traveling to Goroka today, and we were able to put in an order for a new machine (because they actually had the one we wanted in stock!), and it will hopefully be picked up from the store today and brought back to us this afternoon.  This is a pretty good turnaround time for PNG.  So, I'm praying that all goes as planned, and meanwhile I'm thankful for kind neighbors who let me use their machine so that I could wash that load of cloth diapers that really couldn't wait.

The other really good part is that just last week we got our monthly funds delivered to our account, and it included an unexpected gift from a church that covers the cost of a new machine.  God knew we were going to need it this month.

That's all for this week.  Thanks for reading!