Friday, May 20, 2016

Photo Friday [136]

18 months old!  Wow, that time has flown.



Likes to have mom put things in her hair, but will not keep them in for more than 30 seconds.

Her obsession this week is jackets.  Doesn't matter what the temperature is, she needs to have a jacket on all the time - sometimes even over her pajamas!  She is starting to learn the word "jacket," but she started out calling it her "ba-pack," probably because she associates them with leaving for school in the morning.

She also learned the word "pretty" this week, and loves to find pretty things and show them to us.  Sometimes she will grin and point to herself and say "I pretty."  Yes my girl, you are gorgeous, and we love you so much!

 Greg reading stories to Caleb.  I love this.


 A stunning sunrise that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy with the boys if they hadn't woken me up before 6am.  The sun rises and sets so quickly near the equator that if you wait just a few minutes you can miss the best of it.

 Chocolate face.

 ... but stunning eyes.

Greg was begging me all week to make tortillas so that he could have tortillas with milk for breakfast, something that he learned about when his class was studying different cultures at school.  I asked him which country ate tortillas for breakfast - Mexico?  "Yeah..." he replied, "I think so.... or maybe Australia."  (He didn't end up liking tortillas with milk, just in case you were wondering.)

That's all for this week!

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Martin said...

What beautiful photos, thank you ! The one of Freya's chocolate face esp moved me, as my wife and I would love to have children but it would seriously need a miracle for it to ever happen, so seeing that photo just made me pray that one day we'd have the joy of seeing something as beautiful and fun as that :)

and the sunrise was gorgeous too! :)