Friday, May 27, 2016

Photo Friday [137]

"Susan, why is your son in a trash can?" 

Ummm... that's a good question.  I'll let you know if I figure it out.  It's been a favorite spot this week.  (And don't worry, it's not the one we throw dirty diapers in - it's the one the yard meri uses for hauling leaves and yard debri, so it's only dirty with good 'ol dirt.)

"OK, well why is he almost always wearing that shirt when you post photos of him?"  

What can I say?  It's a favorite!

Meanwhile, in the exciting world of fashion with Kate:

 The jacket obsession continues.  And pink camo paired with tie dye and her brother's old shorts... good thing this momma doesn't stress to much about her kids matching...

 Striking a pose on the front steps!

We had a few clear evenings and I attempted some star pictures:

 Got this one while trying to get a photo of  him with the correct expression for a composite I'm working on for this week's photo theme for my Project 52.   It took a lot of tries, but eventually we got something workable.  "Stop smiling!  Look serious.  No, not angry - just serious.  Don't look at the camera.  Come back here!  Ok... um, try looking fierce.  What does that mean?  Never mind.  Maybe just try to look thoughtful.  Hey, don't shake your rear at me!  I said don't laugh!" 

  (That photo coming to Facebook soon... I'm still tweaking it).

A new sea freight shipment arrive, bringing with it paint for the exterior of our house (which badly needs it) and a few packages from family.  (Not all of those boxes are ours!!)

Walking to school now involves all three of them walking.  Some days it's quite a process, even though school is just around the corner.

Choosing the right sticks for the journey is essential.

And this morning I realized that I now have three who appreciate the joy of stomping on mud.

Until next Friday!

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