Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo Friday [138]

This week:

When your kid has draped himself over the front  stairs because he just doesn't have the strength to climb up himself, and instead of getting annoyed you say, "Don't move!  Momma's gotta grab her camera, because your eyes in this light are just too gorgeous." 

This has been another week when I've hardly taken photos of my own life, but I've got a good excuse.  My camera has been busy this week!   About two and a half years ago I started with this photography hobby one evening when I decided randomly to sit down and actually read the camera manual that came with the DSLR that I'd owned for two whole years without taking off of the Auto setting.  If you know my family, you know that we have a bit of a reputation for throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into a new hobby for a time, and then dropping it suddenly to move on to the next hobby.  But sometimes those interests stick.  (Like my little brother, who has gone through lots of hobbies in the past few years, but who has kept up beekeeping!)  Photography seems to be a sticking one for me.  

I've been able to use it to bless others here on the mission field too, because us missionaries are always needing current photos for prayer cards and newsletters, and for family back in our home countries.  On average I'll do a photo shoot for a family here maybe once a month (and I'm not the only one - we have several talented photographers here in our little community.)  This week has been a bit busier.  In addition to taking family portraits for two families this week, I also got to do something I've never done before:  photograph a proposal!  One of the alumni from our school here came back to visit his family and brought his girlfriend along to see the place where he grew up.  He asked if I would photograph his proposal and take some engagement shots afterward.    

 Congrats Andrew and Anna!  It was fun being your paparazzi!

 Caleb and Greg have been making up for my lack of photography in the home though, as they have commandeered the point-and-shoot camera and have been documenting our household, with lots of blurry shots and fingers in the frame.

 Caleb wanted to take a shot of me during dinner prep, so I posed with the paprika.

We got this sign in a package from home, with a note that it was meant for Brian's office.  We decided in the end that while it might be funny 98% of the time, there would eventually come that one time when Brian hosted an ambassador or political figure in his office, and then it might seem a tad unprofessional.  But it would do just as nicely in my kitchen, don't you think?  Or am I the only mom who deals with complaints about the food sometimes?

 One of those parenting dilemmas.  I really hate having little rocks scattered around where they are not supposed to be, but I love how they are playing so nicely outside together.  What would you do?

That's all for this week!

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