Friday, June 17, 2016

Photo Friday [140]

The first week of school break has gone surprisingly well.  We had a wonderful three-day weekend as a family (Monday was the Queen's birthday, didn't you know?)

The boys learn about making sausage.  We made a big batch of breakfast links, but they turned out a bit dry.  We need to find some fat next time we're near a butcher.  The meat here is generally very lean, which doesn't make for juicy sausage.

Dry season is here!  Which means that some days are pretty rainy.  Dry season doesn't mean completely dry - just that the rain is less predictable and there is less overall.

It has also been COLD at night.  Like, in the 50's.  Which doesn't seem bad, until you remember that we are in non-insulated houses, so unless we fire up the trusty wood stove, it's 50 degrees inside our house too!  And so we make the rounds before we go to bed, making sure the kids all have blankets on.

It's "Cry Week" in Ukarumpa.  High School graduation was Tuesday, and this week most of the families of seniors are leaving PNG to take their kids back to their passport countries.  Lots of tears as these kids leave the place that's home to them, leave their friends and prepare to leave their families.

We said goodbye yesterday to these two seniors, who have been our neighbors since we bought our house eight years ago.  (They were like 10 then!)  Greg was really sad to see them go, because they have loved on our kids a lot and spent a lot of hours babysitting over the years.

Kate's still into jackets, but now she's moved on to wearing her brother's.

 Playing with sticks outside.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Kate always wants to be right in the middle of what her big brothers are doing.  (They tolerate it pretty well most of the time.)


Caleb was busy sweeping rain away.  See - he still gets to wear the jacket sometimes. ;)

'Till next week!

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