Friday, June 24, 2016

Photo Friday [141]

A lot of cell phone photos for you this week.  My spare time this week has been spent planning and prepping for  a certain someone's sixth birthday party coming up in just a few weeks.

What better way to spend a cold and dreary Saturday than taking a cozy nap curled up in front of the wood stove?

Some real American sweet corn that we planted in our garden was ready to harvest. 
Kate was a huge fan. 

 She is really good with those Duplos!

 We hung a second swing in the backyard so that the boys can swing together.  That has provided many hours of fun this week.

"Anything the boys can do, I can do better..."

 Well, hello, orchids in my tree!

Yesterday I drove a group of ladies into Kainantu to do some shopping.  This is our main department store - Papindo.  See the little sign on the left with the store name?

 Meanwhile, the AIDS prevention slogan on the building is much larger.  One time not too long ago Brian and I brought the kids with us to Papindo.  

Greg:  What is A-I-D-S, mom?
Me:  AIDS is the name of a disease
Greg:  This is a disease store?  They sell diseases here?

 And what kind of things can you buy at Papindo?

 How about some Curry Duck Balls?!!  Anyone....?

That's all for this week!  Thanks for stopping by.

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