Friday, July 1, 2016

Photo Friday [142]

This week:

 A rocking chair in the stairwell?  Sure, why not!

This one loves board games - not to play by the rules, but just to play with the pieces.  

"Nose."  Her favorite body part to name.  Although this week we've also been hearing "teeth" a lot, as the poor thing is getting four new ones all at the same time and hasn't been very happy.

We have a guava tree at the end of our driveway.  No one in our house is really all that crazy about guavas, so we neglect picking them.  That means that when the fruit is ripe, we often have kids knocking on our door asking permission to pick them.

One day we had eight kids up our tree.  
Caleb asked for the camera so that he could take pictures of them!

Before I knew it, Caleb had handed the camera over to them, and they started taking photos of my kids and of themselves.

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