Friday, July 8, 2016

Photo Friday [143]

This week:

 Lucky Kate was the only one small enough to get pulled around in the trailer.  (She enjoyed it more than it looks like in this photo!)

We went to a 4th of July picnic with some other Americans... and a few other nationalities as well.  Our holidays are like that here.  In fact, the Canadians cheekily invited any Americans or Brits who, due to recent developments in their respective countries, "wished to identify as Canadian" to celebrate Canada Day with them!

The kids played on the school playground until it got dark.

 When it got dark we celebrated with paper lanterns (from eBay China!) and steel wool "fireworks."  Kate loved it, and talked and talked about the "balloons" that "go up."

One man decided to spin his steel wool using a power drill!  Greg bragged on the way home that he didn't even get burned once from the flaming bits of steel wool that were flung into the crowd.  Yeah... we know how to party!

Brian fixed up some trim boards on our house, because the long-awaited house painting has finally arrived!   We purchased paint from Home Depot in the US back in December, waited months for it to arrive on a sea-freight shipment, and now finally have hired a painter to paint the exterior of our house.

 Kate was very "helpful" and had to be right there with Dad while he worked, getting into all the tools and whatnot.

After a few days of washing and sanding and repairs, the primer coat is finally going on.  I'm so looking forward to having a fresh coat of paint.  Our house needed it badly.  (I hope I still like the colors I picked out last year...)

We have a birthday in the house today!  Greg is six, and is having a knight-themed birthday party this afternoon.

I've got all the scales on the dragon cake, but it still needs some more work, and I need to clean my house for the party, so that's all for now.  Photos of the party to come later.

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