Friday, July 22, 2016

Photo Friday [145]

This week:

A low-key birthday for me with just our family.  I was a bit burnt out on birthday cake, so I opted to have a childhood favorite, eclair dessert, instead.

One of Kate's favorite games is when Brian plays "Daddy Kate-Beard" with her.  This time the boys insisted he wear a hat.

 Greg started first grade on Wednesday.

 He is pretty happy to be back with his friends.

And today was Caleb's first day of Pukpuks (three year old preschool).

It was pretty strange to leave both of them at school this morning.  Caleb was proud to have a backpack of his own now, but Kate threw a fit when I wouldn't let her have one.

 As soon as we got to his classroom he pretty much ignored me and had no problem with me leaving, for which I'm thankful.

 So now it's just us girls here this morning!

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