Thursday, July 28, 2016

Photo Friday [146]

You thought I forgot, didn't you?

Well, better late than never.  It's still Friday here.  I've been busy all day getting ready for my trip  early tomorrow morning.  I'm attending the dedication celebration for the Urat New Testament this weekend!  We have strict instructions not to exceed 10 kilos of cargo, which is a bit tough when you have to pack a Thermarest, sheet, pillow and mosquito net.  Add to that my camera, sunscree and bug repellent, and I'm luck to have room for my clothes!  (Don't worry, I will be modestly attired, as I've packed a selection of meri blouses in my bag).  And there is no way I'd leave my camera behind.  So though the pictures are sparse this week, you can look forward to lots next week!

 This wonderful guy, who usually is the one traveling, is staying home with the kiddos so that I can have a bit of adventure for once. 
 (Don't let Kate's expression in this photo fool you.  She adores her Daddy.)

 We are once again in the stage of life where we have a toddler who insists on walking everywhere.  

 She loves to do anything that her "boys" do.  And she loves holding their hands.

Pray that the family enjoys their time without me.  Pray that the six-hour trip on hard benches in the back of a big truck doesn't kill my adventurous spirit.  And pray for the Urat people and the time of celebration that they have planned.

Until next week!

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