Friday, August 26, 2016

Photo Friday [150]

Happy Friday!

It's a public holiday: National Day of Repentance, so no work or school here today.  However, we will do our first show of Steel Magnolias tonight - yay!!  I've been really busy this week with rehearsals, so not many photos for you - sorry.

 We taught this guy to play Risk this week, after his begging wore us down.  He really liked it, and actually got the whole concept really well.  We decided, however, that the reason it's probably rated age 10+ is more for the fact that a 6-year-old maybe can't handle the emotional ups and downs of stunning victory in one turn, followed almost immediately by near-annihilation of one's army.  (Because I've been gone every evening this week, we haven't actually finished his first game yet.  We took photos of the board and said we'd conclude it at a later time.  So he might still have a chance to win.)

Brian planned a little backyard marshmallow roast one evening:

Snow boots were the favorite fashion accessories of the week.  When some Canadian friends handed them down to us, I was sure they would never see use.  I guess I was wrong!

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