Friday, September 30, 2016

Photo Friday [155]

Dolly and Ruff-Ruff.  These two favored friends have been sticking pretty close to this girl as she had a week-long fever.  And now that the fever is gone, we are dealing with the aftermath.  Please tell me I'm not the only parent who has babied a toddler during sickness, only to find out once she is well again that we have created a monster who still expects to be babied and throws tantrums when she isn't in our arms all day long.  Just kidding.... but not really.  She is almost two, after all.

She ain't gonna smile for no camera! 

And then another kid got sick, which led to much sleeplessness and unhappiness in the house, which brings me to this photo of a bird:

It was 7:50 am this morning, and already I had yelled (more than once) at my children.  I had already spanked one.  I was well on my way to having a miserable day, like I did yesterday, when my husband walked in the door to the sound of crying (the kids, not me) and took one look at me and said, "maybe you should get out of here and walk the dog around the block a few times before dinner," because it was that obvious that I'd had it. 

It was shaping up to be one of those days, but I looked at the clock, then grabbed my Bible and a cup of coffee and announced to the household, "I have ten minutes until Daddy leaves for work.  I am going out on to the porch, and I will be unavailable to any children until he leaves."

And I shut the curtains (so that they couldn't look at me through the window), and sat on the porch and read.  And miraculously, it was quiet.  After Brian left for the day, I snuck back inside, and the kids were happily occupied, and so I refilled my coffee and went back out on the porch and just sat.  And I watched the birds.  How long has it been since I've sat and watched?  I have a very difficult time sitting still.  I always have an list of "things-to-do" in my head.  I never watch the birds.  But funny things happen when you take the time to sit quietly.  I felt God speaking softly but firmly to me.  Susan, He said, you cannot place the blame on your children or your circumstances for the condition of your heart right now.  Your heart is a matter between you and I only, and it needs some improvement.

And it's true.  I'd like to say that I went back inside and the rest of my day has gone swimmingly.  But right now as I write this a kid is wiping snot on my pant leg and another one is hitting their sibling.  It is probably going to be a day with it's share of challenges, but at least I can try to make sure I don't add to the mess by carrying around a joyless heart in my chest.

Whew!  That's the end of my little soapbox.  Here's a few last photos for you, and then I've got to get back to real life.

Happy Friday everyone!


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