Friday, September 9, 2016

Photo Fridays [152]

Mostly Kate photos for you this week... she is adorable and she knows it!

She's our little chicken-herder.  Mamma's big backyard rule is to not chase the chickens, but Kate sometimes gets away with it, because she's so cute, yelling "chi-chens!  Chi-chens! Catch you!"  Not that she's fast enough to get them.  She actually does a decent job of herding them back into the coop though...

 I hit the secondhand store in Kainantu this week, and picked up this hat for the kids' dress-up bin:


Paired with a fluffy blue tutu, and you have the perfect outfit for sliding down the hill on the grass.

This was the scene in our living room last night.  It was a scheme Greg cooked up months ago: we would build a fire in the wood stove so that it was nice and cozy, drag out some mattresses, and the whole family would sleep in the living room together.  ...Yeah.  I figured, with Brian being gone this week, it was as good a time as any to cross this one off the list.  I insisted that Kate sleep in her own bed, and after a few episodes of Dinosaur Train she was more than willing to go.  Caleb didn't last long.  His mattress was returned to his room before 8:00.  So, the happy family camp-out  was reduced to just Greg and I.  I admit I snuck back to my own bed before dawn.  But Greg was cozy and happy all night, so I guess it was a success.

Until next week!

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