Friday, September 16, 2016

Photo Fridays [153]

Happy Friday!  And happy PNG Independence Day to you too!

This week we celebrated this handsome guy's fourth birthday!  I don't know... somehow my second child being four already makes me feel older than having a six-year-old.

 In preschool his class has been learning about farm animals.  What an adorable sheep! 
 [photo D. McEvoy]

He also made a pig nose, and got to wear a special crown in class on his birthday.  The crown is standard for birthday celebrations in his class, the pig nose just a serendipitous bonus on that particular day.  [photo: D. McEvoy]

He wanted an octopus cake.

Happy birthday little man.  You are totally gonna' rock this four-year-old thing.

We have a water slide here in Ukarumpa that comes out for special occassions.  We attended a water slide birthday party for one of Greg's friends.

 The photo doesn't do it justice.  It's a long steep hill with a little splash pond built at the bottom.  Get some strong guys to roll out the mat, set up some hoses and some dish soap and get ready for some good, wet fun!

 Greg says 'hi.'

 Kate loves her some ice cream.

And I love going to her room to get her up after a nap, because....

...sometimes you get to see some pretty spectacular bed head! 


Have a good week everyone.  And remember, a tutu makes everything more fun.

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