Friday, October 28, 2016

Photo Friday [159]

You know what they say about time flying, right?  Well, it has been a fun week with my in-laws here.

Kate is really enjoying all of the attention.  In fact, this morning she was bitterly disappointed when someone knocked on the front door and it was just one of our Papua New Guinean friends.  She had been hoping for a grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin!  Here she is with Aunt Becky.

And we have been busy too!

Becky was the speaker for a women's gathering. 

 Darin preached in both services on Sunday.  Brian interpreted for him during the Tok Pisin service.  I don't envy Brian - it's a tough job interpreting on the fly - but he did a good job. 

Uncle Darin and Kate.

 Kate was given these new dolls.  She was literally shaking with excitement when she unwrapped the present.  They were a big hit.

 It's been really great spending time with our nephew.  He may be quiet and cooperative most of the time, but he's also got a pretty mean "rawr" that comes out at times!

Darin and Becky are here to serve the community, and they have been kept busy with leading a marriage seminar, counseling, and teaching.  We did have a brief window in which to get away, and so we took everyone to Goroka (a town two hours drive from here) for two nights.  We wanted them to experience Papua New Guinea outside of Ukarumpa.

We lucked out with a wonderful and relaxing spot to stay, at a guest house run by another mission.

There was a zipline!

animals to see,

and a nice walking/exercise trail.

Not enough room in Becky's lap as she tries to make up a story to the German book we found in the guesthouse!

 It poured rain the night we wanted to make s'mores, so we roasted marshmallows indoors.

We showed them how we make s'mores here in PNG, where graham crackers are seldom available and chocolate is expensive.  We use RokRok Cookies - a yummy frog-shaped cookie with a chocolate coating on one side.

We took Bob, Sharon, Darin and Becky to the bilum market in Goroka town, where people sell various handicrafts, in addition to all the bilums you see here.


This little girl kept holding onto Becky's and my clothes as we shopped.

I had fun standing back and watching as everyone tried to convince them to buy their arrows or baskets or paintings or bilums.

I swear I wasn't holding him up... he just wanted to pose this way!

 I got caught up in the souvenir-buying experience too, I guess, since I ended up buying one of these paintings with the last bit on money we could scrape together after spending all we had.

On the way back home we stopped in at the Kainantu Cultural Center, where they make pottery and wool rugs.  Here a man is making a personalized vase.  Unfortunately we were completely out of cash at this point, and they were unable to take a credit card, so we'll have to see if we have time to go back before they leave.

 A butterfly outside of the cultural center.

 Back in Ukarumpa now, we've still been keeping busy.  Brian's dad wanted a project to work on, and so we have him spearheading the very big project of tearing out the old fence around our yard and installing some new chain-link fence.  All of us have pitched in some, but Bob has done the most work.  We're over halfway done after today, and it's looking fabulous.

 Other than that, it's pretty much just tea parties in sparkly new clothes... you know, the usual. ;)

See you next Friday!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Photo Friday [158]

I think I would have forgotten to post this week if Sharon, my mother-in-law, had not reminded me.  Oops!

Anyway, here is the reason I've been so distracted - we have visitors!

Waiting at the airstrip to greet Brian's parents (Bob and Sharon), along with Brian's brother Darin with wife Becky and 3-yr-old son Winston.

We weren't the only ones expecting special visitors.  Greg's classmate was waiting for his grandparents to arrive from Finland.

The kids are having a lot of fun getting to know their cousin.  All of them have changed so much in the two years since they were last together.  

They don't look very jet-lagged to me!

Kate has really fallen in love with Grandpa.

Grandparents visiting usually means some fun surprises, like this new turtle for Kate.

 Bedtime stories.

Cousin time.

I realize, with embarrassment, that I don't have any great photos of Darin and Becky.  They have been busy with preparations, as Darin will be preaching in church the next two Sundays, Becky will speak at a women's event, and they will also be facilitating a marriage workshop.  I'll work on getting some photos of them this next week... if I remember to write a blog, that is!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Photo Friday [157]

Happy Sports Day!

Today was sports day at the primary campus, and with Greg being in first grade, it was our first year to have a child compete in all the events.  The whole school is divided up into red and yellow teams, and so you compete in different events individually, as a team with classmates of the same team color, and ultimately, red vs. yellow school-wide.  Freys are red team.  Go Red!  

Greg is a kid who takes his racing seriously, and although he knew he wasn't the fastest kid in the class, he was determined to get a placing ribbon if he could.  What's that they say about sports - a good opportunity to build character?  He had a lot of ups and downs as his team kept stacking up second place ribbons, and he fell and ended up not placing in one race,  but I was very proud with how he handled it, and even more so when he was one of two first graders chosen for a sportsmanship award at the end of the day. 

Greg and his teammates.

Greg did end up placing in an individual event - third place in the long jump!

Kate decided to go all out with the team red thing:  she wore her brothers super hero cape!  She was very cute cheering for Greg, "Go Gweg!! Go fast!  Go fast!" (even though she usually cheered at the wrong time.)

Caleb spent the whole day running around with his preschool friends and getting dirty, only occasionally coming to check in for a snack.

 And finally, here is a picture of my clothes hanging up in the shower instead of in the closet, since Brian was out of town for three nights this week, and I decided on a whim to paint our bedroom while he was gone.  It ended up being a bigger project than I expected, but I got it finished and managed to put everything back in it's place before Brian got home... and he didn't notice.  I mean, he noticed that our room was a lot cleaner than usual, with no dust bunnies in the corners, but he didn't notice the new paint until I pointed it out.  So much for that surprise.  Anyway, at least that's one big job off the to-do list!

I know already that I am going to have fun taking photos for the next two weeks, because this next week we are getting some visitors!  Not one, not two, but five family members will be joining us in PNG for a few weeks.  Yay!  Until then...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Photo Friday [156]

156?  That's three years of Photo Fridays!!

This week:

The big event of the week was an outdoor concert in our valley by the U.S.-based Gospel Reggae group Christafari.  The concert was sponsored by the local pastors fraternal, but a lot of the behind-the-scenes work was done by some of our co-workers here in Ukarumpa as well.  It was a really fun concert, with good music, testimonies from band members, and a clear presentation of the gospel.

 Sitting in the grass on a rugby field, waiting for the concert.  The crowd filled in a lot more after dark.  I've heard estimates of anywhere between 3,000-5,000 people came.

The kids are excited?  Greg was having fun until it got cold.  Caleb fell asleep, and Kate was just wild and wound up the whole time.

Caught this guy munching a guava in the back yard.

 Gina the hen gives me a dirty look after I stopped her from sitting on her imaginary eggs.

Until next week!