Friday, October 14, 2016

Photo Friday [157]

Happy Sports Day!

Today was sports day at the primary campus, and with Greg being in first grade, it was our first year to have a child compete in all the events.  The whole school is divided up into red and yellow teams, and so you compete in different events individually, as a team with classmates of the same team color, and ultimately, red vs. yellow school-wide.  Freys are red team.  Go Red!  

Greg is a kid who takes his racing seriously, and although he knew he wasn't the fastest kid in the class, he was determined to get a placing ribbon if he could.  What's that they say about sports - a good opportunity to build character?  He had a lot of ups and downs as his team kept stacking up second place ribbons, and he fell and ended up not placing in one race,  but I was very proud with how he handled it, and even more so when he was one of two first graders chosen for a sportsmanship award at the end of the day. 

Greg and his teammates.

Greg did end up placing in an individual event - third place in the long jump!

Kate decided to go all out with the team red thing:  she wore her brothers super hero cape!  She was very cute cheering for Greg, "Go Gweg!! Go fast!  Go fast!" (even though she usually cheered at the wrong time.)

Caleb spent the whole day running around with his preschool friends and getting dirty, only occasionally coming to check in for a snack.

 And finally, here is a picture of my clothes hanging up in the shower instead of in the closet, since Brian was out of town for three nights this week, and I decided on a whim to paint our bedroom while he was gone.  It ended up being a bigger project than I expected, but I got it finished and managed to put everything back in it's place before Brian got home... and he didn't notice.  I mean, he noticed that our room was a lot cleaner than usual, with no dust bunnies in the corners, but he didn't notice the new paint until I pointed it out.  So much for that surprise.  Anyway, at least that's one big job off the to-do list!

I know already that I am going to have fun taking photos for the next two weeks, because this next week we are getting some visitors!  Not one, not two, but five family members will be joining us in PNG for a few weeks.  Yay!  Until then...

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