Friday, October 21, 2016

Photo Friday [158]

I think I would have forgotten to post this week if Sharon, my mother-in-law, had not reminded me.  Oops!

Anyway, here is the reason I've been so distracted - we have visitors!

Waiting at the airstrip to greet Brian's parents (Bob and Sharon), along with Brian's brother Darin with wife Becky and 3-yr-old son Winston.

We weren't the only ones expecting special visitors.  Greg's classmate was waiting for his grandparents to arrive from Finland.

The kids are having a lot of fun getting to know their cousin.  All of them have changed so much in the two years since they were last together.  

They don't look very jet-lagged to me!

Kate has really fallen in love with Grandpa.

Grandparents visiting usually means some fun surprises, like this new turtle for Kate.

 Bedtime stories.

Cousin time.

I realize, with embarrassment, that I don't have any great photos of Darin and Becky.  They have been busy with preparations, as Darin will be preaching in church the next two Sundays, Becky will speak at a women's event, and they will also be facilitating a marriage workshop.  I'll work on getting some photos of them this next week... if I remember to write a blog, that is!

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