Friday, November 11, 2016

Photo Friday [161]

Finally got a macro lens (Tamron 90mm if you care about that sort of thing), and have been giving it a workout  both with close-ups and using it to take portraits of folks.

Kate made the switch to a big bed this week.  It's gone smoother than I expected, perhaps due to the fact that she sleeps with the door closed, and doesn't know how to work door knobs yet!  The quilt on her wall made by great-grandma Simmons.

Caleb is a good sport playing with the dollies.

Kate lookin' classy in some new clothes before church.

Knowing that Brian had yet another international trip coming up, for his birthday I got him the nice Bose headphones that he's wanted but is too practical to buy for himself.  Of course I had to try them out.  Umm... he knows that these kinds of gifts are meant to be reciprocated in kind, right?

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