Friday, December 9, 2016

Photo Friday [165]

K's got style.  This is her absolute favorite dress - now stained and worn - which she managed to spot this morning even though I tried my best to steer her towards something she hasn't worn yet.

Caleb took some more selfies this week.  They love using our old point-and-shoot camera.  Greg also shot a very true to life video that made me laugh.  The craziness of the pre-dinner witching hour, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.  I'm not going to share it though, since the footage pretty much focuses on my rear end the whole time, with other characters popping in around the edges of the frame.

 And another Welcoming-Brian-home-at-the-airstrip photo.  This time he was gone for 11 days, flying all the way to Dallas, TX for meetings.  The airstrip photos always seem about the same, but we don't get tired of him coming back to us!

They insisted I take a picture of them, and then this is all they give me.  I think Kate was put out because she didn't get to sit in my lap for the photo.

Our Jesse Tree is filling up.  We got our set of ornaments from an ornament exchange last year.

And the Christmas decorations are all up, including homemade ornaments the kids brought home from school.

'Till next week.

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