Friday, December 23, 2016

Photo Friday [167]

Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday was our last chance to get Christmas packages in the mail, as the post office, along with pretty much everything else, shuts down for two weeks over the holidays.

Brian is off work, so we took a family walk down to the post office and the boys were delighted to see the magical yellow ticket in our box that meant we had a package.  We had two packages that got stuck in customs and didn't make it up here, so we will look forward to seeing them January.  (And yes, Caleb, who has a very difficult time surviving from breakfast until lunch, had to bring his buttered toast along!)

Here is Christmas dress #2 from last Sunday.  Looks like the angels are having a nice chat and... wait... is that Mary kissing a shepherd?!?  Don't tell Joseph...

Cute Kate.

I got a call this week from someone saying that they had an interesting visitor in their backyard jacaranda tree, and would I like to stop by and take a photo?  We think it's a female Eclectus Parrot.  Not a common bird in these parts.

Speaking of birds, remember our new duck, Coco, from last week?  Well, I figured she might get lonely, so I asked around and found someone who had a few ducklings for sale.  (Secretly, I've wanted to have ducks for a while now, and now we've got three!)   Even Brian admits that they are pretty fun to have around.

The boys named them Snowflake and Sid.  They're Muscovy ducks, which are by far the most common breed of domesticated ducks here in PNG.  In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen any domestic ducks that aren't Muscovies.

 The boys were kept occupied for a good part of the day yesterday digging up worms and bugs to feed to the ducklings.  I'm looking forward to having some backyard animals that love to eat cockroaches!

Coco is still pretty flighty, but Sid and Snowflake are very tame and don't even seem to mind when Kate follows them around and around.  She would spend all day watching and feeding a petting the "duckies" if we let her.

Well, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  Our plans involve dinner with friends, a church service, a few Skype calls with family back home, our traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, and probably leaving the curtains shut all morning Christmas day so that we can pretend it's cold outside instead of bright and sunny!

Until next week...

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