Friday, December 30, 2016

Photo Friday [168]

The last Photo Friday of 2016.  It's pretty much all Christmas snapshots.  Here we go:

Brian got everyone new neck pillows, as we think about the many hours of flying coming our way in June.  And Kate got some new accessories. 

 This is as close as we got to a photo of the kids in front of the tree in their new Christmas jammies.  Notice that the only ornaments on the bottom half of the tree are the plastic candy canes?  Yeah... two-year-old in the house. I swear when I first decorate the tree it was evenly covered.  But you would be amazed how many ornaments can be re-classified as "breakable" when you have a determined toddler.

 This was Brian's project the two days before Christmas.  We set it up on Christmas Eve.  We dug an old, unused desk out of the corner of our basement, threw out the old top and re-used the drawers.  Brian fashioned a new, huge laminate top for it, and now we have an awesome Lego/game table in the basement playroom.

Stockings on Christmas morning.

Pots and pans and baby bottles.

Books, puzzles, and his very own Bible. 

 A dress-up cape and a doll stroller.

A new movie!

 Remote control trucks!

Christmas dress No. 3 - in action.  Before we went to the Christmas morning church service, Kate had to "jump-jump" a bit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to you!

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