Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday [170]

All of the clinic staff was required to take a CPR certification class.  This is "Joe Blow," my training partner.  (I work at the clinic two mornings per week as a receptionist.) 

Christmas keeps coming!  We got a late package this week, which included these build-your-own catapult kits.  It was torture for the boys to wait a whole 24 hours for the glue to dry before they could try them out! 

 Brian has been gone this week out in the Islands, doing administrative stuff.  He tacked on a few extra days to his trip so that he could help out the folks at a different mission on West New Britain who were having trouble programming their generator.  Need I mention that he got them whipped into shape (the generators, not the missionaries...) in short order?  We wouldn't expect anything less.  He should be home tomorrow, via the port city of Lae, so I'd better text him my shopping list when I'm done writing this post.

Sifting is of utmost importance when using powdered sugar here.  It's very rare to get un-clumpy powdered sugar.   And then there was that infamous incident a few years ago when a supplier in the U.S. shipped the powdered sugar next to the bar soap in the shipping container.  Soap-tasting sugar is a big bummer in your desserts.

I was sifting sugar because I tried my hand at marshmallow fondant for the first time.  Making a birthday cake for one of Caleb's classmates.  Apparently marshmallow fondant tastes better, but isn't firm enough to make a unicorn stand up. He kinda' drooped as he dried. So we've got a pudgy, lazy unicorn for the cake topper.

 This one got new pink boots in the Christmas package, mastered potty training incredibly easily this week, and insists on dressing herself.  (On the potty training experience, I know by now that it has pretty much nothing to do with the parent's competence.  I just got lucky this time.)

 I got a haircut.

 On the way home from market this morning with a chocolate-glazed prize.

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