Friday, March 3, 2017

Photo Friday [176]

This week:

Greg's Lima bean, planted in the garden after he sprouted it at school in science class.

Kate took a tumble down the stairs, giving her a dramatic black eye.  It started out very puffy and swollen... 

 And now we're in the I-forgot-to-put-eyeshadow-on-both-eyes phase.

With 13 weeks until we leave Ukarumpa, boxes are starting to appear.  We leave our house stocked with all the basic furnishings, linens, and kitchen supplies for renters, but all of our personal things will be packed up in stored in the attic while we're gone.  And since we've been around long enough to know that sometimes people end up not returning to the field for any number of different reasons when they didn't expect it, each box gets labeled "ship,"sell" or "donate."  So that if someone had to go through our belongings for us, they would know what we deemed important enough to send back home!  We plan to return, but it's best to be prepared.

Of course, now I really need to clean out the attic storage room so that I can start putting boxes up there...

 I've been trying to tackle one small area each day - sorting and organizing, and cleaning out items that are broken, no longer fit, or are no longer needed.  I don't think my entryway has been this uncluttered in about two years... since we last returned to PNG!

Brian is missing out on the organizing this week.  He's out in hot, sunny Buka.  This week he and a Papua New Guinean electrician are in charge of removing an old generator (pictured below), and installing a brand new one to power to the guesthouse property.

If you look closely, you can see that they are rolling it out on logs, because the space is too tight to get any heavy machinery in close.

Until next week!

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