Friday, March 10, 2017

Photo Friday [177]

This week:

That one time when you bought frozen blueberries at the store because you read the wrong price tag and thought they were half of their actual price... well, the kids really enjoyed their special treat anyway!  Looking forward to fresh blueberries in a few months.

The week before our branch conference is always Interact, a week-long conference for those interested in the language work side of things.  I was only able to make it to a few of the presentations this week, but it's always encouraging to hear what the translators are doing and the new ideas they have.

One of the great things about our school is the exposure to a whole world of different cultures.  The first grade class has been studying the U.K., and this week a few ladies from the community came to teach the students about a proper British tea.  The kids had to wear "church clothes" and use their good manners.  They enjoyed a proper tea with scones and cream.  Greg has a much better grasp of world geography than I did at his age!  (photo: Paula Parker).  

Here is a little performance by Kate last night at dinner.

Brian came home this afternoon from Buka.

... and his phone has been ringing since he got home, work laptop out in front of him.  I think everyone knows he's back!

Until next week.

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