Friday, April 7, 2017

Photo Friday [181]

We're (mostly) not sick any more, and so we've had a much happier week:

Family photos this week, and I designed a new prayer card - yes, one that actually has Kate on it!  Ha!  In this picture you can see me with the remote in my hand behind Brian's leg there.  Oops.  We brought a favorite neighbor along with us to get the kids to look at the camera.

And then there has been more packing, and me getting my handyman on, working on the fix-it list.  Some new blinds that I ordered from the U.S. several months ago finally arrived, so I've been hanging those.

Great news is that Brian has begun to train someone to replace him in his job when we leave, which has been a prayer request for months now.  They've got maybe five weeks of overlap, as Brian has two more trips before we leave.


We had the cutest pirate at our house this week.

"I a captain pirate!  I angry!  Aaarrrgh!"


 Caleb was  a willing crew member, but Greg is just at the back of the boat there with his nose stuck in a book.  Pretty typical.

When you just can't walk up the hill any longer.

 6 a.m. silliness.

See you next week!

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