Friday, April 14, 2017

Photo Friday [182]

This morning at market we shopped for a bilum for Kate.  I thought this one with K's all over it would be perfect, but it was really too big for her.

She ended up choosing this one, which is more the right size.  Although maybe we should work on how to wear it?  Not sure what she's doing here...

Some meri blouses for sale too.

We had a Flat Stanley visit us this week.  We'll send him back with some pictures of PNG when the post office opens back up after our four-day holiday weekend.

Our duck Snowflake started laying eggs this week!  Of course she chose to lay them in the dirt under the garden shed where they are difficult to reach (and very dirty).  I was really, really tempted to wait a week or two and see if she would try to hatch them, but then I did the math and realized that even if we were lucky, we'd be getting new ducklings the week before we left PNG for furlough, since Muscovy eggs take five weeks to incubate.  Probably not a wise plan.  So I guess we'll eat the eggs instead, and maybe try to hatch some ducklings next year when we return.

Until next week!

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