Friday, April 28, 2017

Photo Friday [184]

This morning I helped with a "checking party" for the Baruga New Testament.  That is when a group of detail-oriented folks get together to lend a fresh eye to the typeset manuscript of a Scripture portion and check for errors before it is sent to the printer.  Each person is assigned a specific task, and we go through each book of the New Testament, checking things like formatting, page numbers, section headings, cross-references, etc.  It's amazing the number of errors that we can discover, even though we don't know a word of Baruga.

When we find an example, we mark it in red, so that the translator and typesetter can go through the manuscript yet again.  Typesetting is a HUGE job.  It is also a time when many translation teams really experience spiritual attack, so please pray for the Baruga team as they get ready for printing and for a dedication next year.

Soon the Baruga New Testament will join these others on a shelf in the typesetting office!

 In family news:

This guy - handsome, smart, and always creating something.

 The blue tutu has been getting a lot of use this week.  Kate is very excited about getting her nails painted.

"Oh flowers, you think YOU are colorful?!!"

 And I finally finished the roman blinds I was sewing for the kitchen.  Can't tell you how many headaches this project gave me!  And when I thought I was done, I realized I didn't have enough hardware to hang them, and I had to wait for Brian to get back from the States with my brackets before I could finish it.  I think this was my last sewing project... time to pack all my craft stuff?

Five weeks people.  Five more weeks 'till we leave. 

Until next week!

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