Friday, May 19, 2017

Photo Friday [186] + prayer request

I broke my toe.  By (unintentionally, I swear!) kicking the furniture.  Because that's exactly what I need in my life right now. 

An x-ray at the clinic this morning confirmed a clear (and thankfully uncomplicated) fracture in the fourth toe of my right foot.

 So I get to wear this sexy shoe for a while.  Herein lies the prayer request, or a few of them.

We have two weeks until we leave PNG.  Still a fair bit of packing/cleaning to be done.  Our truck is not working at the moment, and it'll be at least one more week until it's repaired.  Brian will be out of the country next week Monday-Friday.  At the moment, walking is awkward and kinda' painful, even with my sexy shoe.  According to my activity tracker, I've been averaging 12,000-15,000 steps per day walking everywhere - and that's on the days I don't exercise.  So I need to cut that down.    The good news is that I live in an awesome community of people that I can call up for help if I need it.  I can let my son walk to school with friends or ask for a ride to the market/store.  So that's a huge plus.  

My walking shoe is on loan from the clinic here, but I have to give it back when we leave.  So I'm currently looking at options to buy one online and have it delivered to the place where we will be staying in Brisbane, Australia.  So pray that that works out.  

So please pray for healing, for help when needed, for logistics and extra travel mercies.  It kind of messes up our plans for the few days we are spending in Brisbane, as most of the activities we planned to do involved a fair bit of walking.  Also not looking forward to hauling luggage and kids through various airports.  But, at least I'm not in a cast, eh?  Maybe God is trying to slow me down and to help me not be so self-sufficient all the time.

In other news this week:

Mother's Day!

 Caleb brought this home from preschool.  Apparently I look a lot older than I thought and most of his feelings about me involve food!!

And according to Greg, my hobby is "resting."  Well, now I will be doing more resting than normal I guess, with my foot!

These last few weeks are full of "lasts"....

 ...such as one last batch of homemade pretzels (on this side of the ocean at least).

And it really must be time to go, since I'm down to the dregs of my homemade PNG vanilla.

Until next week!

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