Saturday, July 8, 2017

Photo Friday [191]

Beach time for the Freys this past holiday weekend!  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all cozily crowded into a little cabin at the beach.  The kids were pretty excited to see this side of the Pacific, even though it's much colder than the beach in PNG.

Overlook of the area where we stayed, with the beach and a Christian summer camp on the lake (our nephews were attending camp this week).

"Come and get me, ocean!"

"Ooh!  That's cold!"

Back in his element.  Brian grew up visiting this stretch of beach all the time.  Between Brian and his brothers, I got an earful of stories about their good 'ol days at camp.

We were able to watch fireworks on the beach two different nights.  The first was a laid-back evening at Pacific City on the 1st.

On the fourth of July we went to see the fireworks at Neskowin.  It was perhaps the most intense beach party I've ever been to.  A big crowd, with everyone setting off their own fireworks from all over the crowded beach before the official show begin.  It was fun, but a little disconcerting when the guy behind us was setting off large fireworks that were exploding right over our heads.  (The kids loved it!)

This photo captures just a bit of the fun... and all of the smoke!

The rest of the weekend was spent

combing the beach for sand dollars...

flying kites...

canoeing on the lake... 

campfire with s'mores...

and playing on the beach.


Now we're back home, and the boys jumped straight into the local pool, for their first ever swimming lessons!  We'll only be in town this summer for one entire two-week lesson session, but we're happy that they get at least a little bit of instruction, as it's something that we don't really have access to in PNG.

 Until next week!

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