Saturday, July 15, 2017

Photo Friday [192]

This week has been pretty full.  The boys have been attending a VBS program here in town in the mornings, and then they have swim lessons in the evening.

We picked a lot of berries one evening after dinner at grandma and grandpa's house.  We went to pick blueberries, but came home with some raspberries and boysenberries too.

 Fresh blueberry muffins!  My crazy family isn't as crazy about them as I am, so I had to eat most of them myself...

We have found a lot of little projects to do around the house.  Our bigger project this week has been refinishing the small deck at the back of the house.  We've made good progress.  Now we just need to replace those wobbly stairs and we're ready to stain!

We typically have a printing service print and mail out our newsletters for us, but this time we wanted to include our new prayer card, and so we did it all ourselves.  Man... I am really grateful that we don't have to do this every time!

New prayer cards were mailed a few days ago to everyone who gets a snail mail newsletter.  If you don't get yours this week, or if you only receive electronic updates and would like a prayer card, please email or message us with your address and we'll send you one!

 And we'll finish off with some photos of a cute kid playing in the backyard:


That's all for this week!

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