Friday, July 28, 2017

Photo Friday [193]

Here are two weeks' worth of photos.  Last Friday we were up at 2:30 a.m. to drive to the airport and we spent a long day traveling...  so that's my excuse for missing last week!

Little sister waits poolside for her brothers to finish their last swim lesson of the summer.

Being back in the U.S. lets us join in on family life, which sometimes means helping each other out.  We spent a day as a family with Brian's grandparents doing some work on the roof and gutters.

The kids love visiting with grandparents and great-grandparents.  We are so thankful that they get to make memories together while we are in the States.

We attended and event at Salem's Riverfront Park, and Kate was super excited to get her face painted.

The boys have always refused to have their faces painted, so it was fun to realize that Kate enjoys it.

 We also got to ride the carousel:

Last Friday we were traveling as a family to Orlando, FL to attend a program at the Wycliffe Bible Translators' headquarters there. 

However, we decided to arrive a few days before the scheduled start of the program in order to do something that our boys have been talking about ever since they saw an advertisement for it:  Legoland.  Back in Papua New Guinea, when we asked the kids what things they really wanted to do on furlough, they said 1) spend time with grandparents, and 2) visit Legoland.  And so we arranged to arrive in Orlando a few days early in order to make that dream come true.

It was two very fun days.  Long, tiring, but overall very fun.   Greg was tall enough to ride any of the rides, Caleb could do most, and there was still enough stuff to keep Kate entertained, even though she was too little for a lot of it.

 This is pretty much how we all felt at by the end of the day!

Driving school was the one ride they had seen advertised and the one the especially were looking forward to.  It turned out to be disappointing, but this life-sized Lego mustang was pretty darn impressive!

Miniland was impressive.  You could have spent hours just looking at everything and taking in all the details. 

 For example, this cat lady on the roof of a building waiting for firemen to rescue her.

Caleb loved to go around and push the buttons that made parts of the scenes move - like making the break dancer in red spin on his head. 

 Roller coasters were fun enough for adults but not too intense for the boys.

Greg's favorite spot was where you could build and race your own creations.

The Lego/pirate/waterski show was fun too. 

We alternated "big kid" rides with ones that Kate could enjoy.

 And we kind of wore ourselves out... in a good way.

Our program here at Wycliffe has been very good too.  Brian and I have one set of classes and discussions to attend, and there is a program for all of the missionary kids, where staff walk them through activities to help them process their unique lifestyle and it's advantages and challenges.  It has been really fun to see Greg especially connecting with other MK's whose parents work all over the world.  We are finishing that up this morning, and will be flying back to Oregon on Saturday.

Thanks for visiting!  We will be doing some more traveling in the coming weeks and may not have internet connection for much of that time, but I will update with another photo Friday as soon as I'm able.


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